Ryan Kelley

Operations Manager
Years of Experience: 10

In 2013 Ryan started as technician in the Wentzville office, where he services several commercial properties. Ryan was promoted to Service Supervisor in 2017, where he helped build new position in Chesterfield and then St. Louis office.

In 2019 Ryan was promoted to Branch Manager in Illinois. In this role, Ryan got our Illinois branch open and legal. He worked with that team for three years before moving into his current role of Operations Manager in 2022.

Ryan enjoys doing field work including larger jobs like fumigations and animal health facilities (dairy and poultry farms).

Personal Life

Ryan and his wife Crystal have 2 beautiful children, Adalynn (4) and Emerson (7). His furry family includes 2 cats, Comet and Atlas, and one cog, Evee, named by his son after a Pokemon character. They love to travel, just got back from the Grand Canyon.

Fun Facts

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A meteorologist.

What is your favorite trip and why?

Mackinac Island was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places Ryan has ever been.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Auto mechanics is Ryan’s hobby. He enjoys having a project vehicle, mainly 90’s Ford pickup trucks or older mustangs. Ryan added, “Even things like lawn mowers and tractors make for fun projects.”

What industry publications/info do you read/subscribe to keep you inspired and in the know?

PCT Magazine, Podcasts- Boardroom Buzz, Jacko Podcast, Arthropodcast, PMP Industry Insiders.

What’s a strange fact that most don’t know about you?

Ryan was very involved in the Boy Scout program when he was younger. He spent a few summers working camp staff for the National Youth Leadership Training camp. Ryan is an Eagle Scout, along with quite a few other team members at Rottler. His son is now starting Cub Scouts and he’s am very proud of him.