Mike Johnson

Regional Manager - West
Years of Experience: 26

After his Military life, Mike Johnson started his Pest Control career with Terminix from 1997-2007, and joined Schendel Pest Services for six years prior to accepting his role at Rottler Pest Solutions in 2013. Mike’s experience ranges from Residential services, Commercial services, 3rd party audit accounts, Wildlife control, Bedbug treatment, Residential and Commercial Fumigation.

Personal Life

Mike and his wife Jackie have four sons, four grandkids and two dogs, Skye and Loki.

Fun Facts

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A Leader of some sort, a Soldier.

What is your favorite trip and why?

Mike’s favorite trip is when he visited East Germany. He went behind the wall and later after the wall came down. Mike was there to watch East Germans celebrate freedom and a new life.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Mike enjoys anything automotive including car shows, and hanging out with his sons and friends.

What industry publications/info do you read/subscribe to keep you inspired and in the know?

PCT Magazine, PMP Pest Management and any other Pest Control manual he can get his hands on.

What’s a strange fact that most don’t know about you?

At work, Mike is open, engaged, leading the way and very transparent. At home, he’s very private.