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Food Processing & Pharmaceutical Facilities Pest Control

Pest Control for Food Processing & Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pest infestations, including insects and rodents, in food and beverage processing facilities can result in failure to pass quality audits. If left unaddressed, pest problems can also lead to contaminated product, damage to facilities and a significant impact on your company’s professional reputation and growth. Rottler Pest Solutions has the experience and credentials to deliver the required preventive pest management and disinfection services to vital facilities like food processing and pharmaceutical plants, as well as help prepare for audits and inspections.

When your company partners with Rottler Pest Solutions, you can expect a facility free of nuisance and damaging pests. Let us customize a pest control program that uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and techniques to eliminate flies, rats, and other pests as well as prevent activity in the future.

The Rottler Advantage

We understand you have options when it comes to protecting your facility from unwanted pests. When you partner with Rottler, you are partnering with a local, QualityPro certified company that offers:

  • Local service with national service experience 
  • Customized, environmentally responsible low impact but highly effective integrated pest management (IPM) programs and solutions
  • Services when you need them, delivered professionally and discreetly
  • Access to a team of technical and service experts who can provide in-house training and education for your employees
  • Consulting for audit preparation, practice audits and risk assessments
  • Digital solutions for capturing, sharing, monitoring, and analyzing pest trend and other valuable data for logbooks and reports