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Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is a long time St. Louis pest control company offering insulation services for homes in the St. Louis area.  Using  ProPink L77 LooseFill Insulation we provide an eco-friendly application that provides enhanced coverage,  while lowering heating and cooling cost. Developed by Owen Corning  and treated with a safe fire retardant, ProPink L77 LooseFill is a green insulation that never stops working!

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L77 Fiberglass Insulation

As part of our continued effort to provide our customers with the fastest and most effective service possible, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is proud to announce that we are now offering L77 Fiberglass Insulation to homes and businesses in St. Louis and throughout Mid-Missouri!

Incorporating the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations into our treatment services is at the core of the Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions’ mission, and the unique advantages that L77 Fiberglass Insulation brings allow us to do just that.

How L77 Fiberglass Insulation Works

L77 Fiberglass Insulation is the end result of years of research and development into new ways fiber technology could be applied to loosefill product manufacturing and application. Developed by Owens Corning, L77 Fiberglass Insulation was designed from the ground up to create a better, more effective form of loosefill insulation than any other on the market.

The process began with the development of a new fiber technology that works by creating an evenly-distributed network of thermal reservoirs across the insulation’s application area. This fiber construction allows it to resist heat transfer better than competing insulation products (resulting in approximately 18% yield improvement as a result of increased product performance) - while being both easier to apply and environmentally-friendly.

L77 Fiberglass Insulation is specifically built with blown application in mind, making it perfect for filling in cracks and crevices in hard-to-reach areas. Even better, its fiberglass construction gives it unprecedented versatility: instead of having to use a mix of insulation applications, L77 Fiberglass Insulation can be applied to walls, attics, floors, and cathedral ceilings without losing any effectiveness.

With its incredible performance and ease of application, L77 Fiberglass Insulation gives your home a shield custom-designed to protect everyone inside it. If L77 Insulation is inside your walls, harmful heat and moisture damage won’t be.

What You’ll Get With L77 Fiberglass Insulation

Enhanced Coverage

L77 Fiberglass Insulation boasts the highest yield of any loosefill insulation currently on the market, giving it the highest air flow reduction and heat resistance in the industry while also resisting fungal and mold growth across the application area.

Multi-Use Application

Whether for new constructions or retrofit applications, L77 Insulation is perfect for walls, attics, and floors as well as cathedral ceilings, saving both time and money by providing one product for multiple applications across a single property. The insulation can also densely packed into walls at an installed density of up to 2.5 pounds per cubic foot for unparalleled air infiltration control.

Increased Productivity

L77 Insulation is easy to apply while versatile enough to fill multiple roles within the insulation process, saving applicators time and allowing them to completely service a home or business in record time.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Application

L77 Fiberglass Insulation is formaldehyde-free, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and non-conducive to moisture retention. made from 58% recycled materials (the highest percentage in the industry) and has been certified safe for the environment by various industry watchdogs including the GreenGuard Environmental Institute, Home Innovation Research Labs, Scientific Certification Systems, Energy Star, and more.

Lasting Defense

With better performance, higher material design integrity, eco-friendly application, and consistent product quality, L77 Fiberglass Insulation is a powerful tool built to preserve the integrity of any home or commercial property for years to come.

In addition to insulation service, Rottler can treat the attic for pests during the installation process. If you’d like to learn more about our pest control services, and why L77 Fiberglass Insulation is the perfect fit for your home or business, reach out to us today for a free inspection!

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