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rottler pest control insulation in missouri

Attic Insulation

St. Louis Insulation Service

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is a long time St. Louis pest control company offering insulation services for homes and businesses in St. Louis.  Using InCide® Attic Insulation, we provide continuous, nonstop pest control protection while lowering heating and cooling costs. Manufactured from recycled paper and treated with a safe fire retardant, InCide® Attic Insulation is a green insulation that never stops working!

Attic Insulation With Pest Control Properties

InCide® Attic Insulation prevents insect infestation in areas where it is applied. It works by killing upon contact or when ingested by pests. InCide® Pest Control Insulation is registered with the EPA (EPA Reg. No. 44757-4-59737 - Est. No. 59737-MO-001).

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