The holidays are a time for baking. But no one wants to find pantry pests in their home cooking. Here is the definitive guide to protecting your pantry from weevils, beetles, moths, and other pests..

    • Pantry pests can hitchhike into your pantry. It is important to check all of your pantry items closely, when purchasing them.

    • If you get a bag of grocery items from a farmer's market or delivery person, always pull the items out and check the bag before bringing it into your pantry.

    • Bugs can get in from the outside, but you can reduce the things that draw them in, like old or rotting pantry items. Always use older items first, and make sure to throw out items that are past due. Pests can smell decaying food from a great distance.

    • Keep your pantry dry and ventilated. Pests enjoy a moist, humid environment.

    • Consider getting wired shelves for your pantry. Bugs and rodents prefer wooden shelves with grains of sugar, flour, and dust on them.

    • Keep things clean. Even a grain of sugar is a meal for some bugs.

    • Storing your foods--including pet food--in hard plastic containers is the single best investment you can make in keeping your pantry pest free. This will also go a long way to keeping your food items fresh and tasty.

    • Seal your pantry from invading bugs. Even if you keep a tight, clean ship, there are wandering bugs that will still come to investigate. Make sure the walls of your pantry are free of holes, cracks, and gaps.

You should also consider having a pest company apply a limited and focused amount of pesticide to your foundation, to keep bugs out of your house. If bugs aren't in your house, they won't be getting into your pantry.

With your pantry protected, and your baking goods fresh and scrumptious, you can set your mind on baking that award winning pie. So, there you have it. All you need to know about protecting your pantry. Now, get baking and if you run into problems with pantry pests, contact Rottler and we will be able to guide you in the process of eliminating these bugs from your holiday festivities!

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