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Why You Should Leave Raccoon Infestations to the Professionals at Rottler

The fall can be a frustrating time of year for homeowners. When the weather grows colder, pests can become more and more of a nuisance as they desperately prepare for the coming winter and the eventual disappearance of food resources outside. This will also have the wildlife pests living around your property creating many issues for you during this time of year, including raccoons! Let's take a look at a few of the common issues that raccoons can cause and why it is best to call the wildlife professionals here at Rottler when raccoons find their way into your home!


  • Exterior trash is a strong attractant for hungry and curious raccoons; if your exterior trash receptacles aren't secured, you may find trash strewn across your lawn.

  • If raccoons are searching for a new home and they find an easy line of access to your roofline, they might just choose yours! If you have a tree branch hanging over your roof, you could soon have a raccoon checking out your roofline for a way inside. And a roof soffit intersection is a perfect location for a raccoon to break into your soffits and damage your home!

  • When raccoons get inside, they can damage your belongings, get into your stored boxes, and leave their droppings behind everywhere they go, creating quite a mess; they can also introduce parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites into your home.

  • Raccoons have dexterous fingers that allow them to get into places that a lot of other pest invaders can’t. That’s why wildlife experts recommend using preventative measures similar to those you would use to keep a burglar out of your home to prevent raccoon entry such as locking your second and third story windows. If you don't, you may have some unwanted visitors taking up residence in your home before you know it!

  • These wildlife pests can also get in through lower areas of the home. In fact, the void under your deck, patio, or porch may make the perfect spot for raccoons to invade, especially if these areas provide wind coverage on are heated by the warm air coming out of a dryer vent. And if you have a mother raccoon living under your deck, patio, or porch, you could have a very dangerous situation on your hands.

  • If you have chickens in your yard, they could become a meal for a hungry raccoon. Finding dead or wounded chickens inside your chicken pen or coop is often a sign of raccoon activity as they have very dexterous paws and are sometimes able to open the latches on doors.


If you're noticing raccoons in your yard more frequently or are finding raccoons coming and going from a hole or opening in your home, then it’s time to reach out to the wildlife professionals here at Rottler! Here’s why:

  • Raccoons can be dangerous when they feel trapped or cornered. They can also be very aggressive when protecting their young. With no other option available, they will attack the threat to escape or protect their young. Raccoons are wild animals with sharp teeth and claws and are capable of inflicting serious injury. For this reason, never corner a raccoon or attempt to trap one on your own, especially a mother raccoon with babies.

  • There is a lot that can go wrong while attempting to get rid of a raccoon. But when you hire a wildlife professional to handle your problem for you, there is much less risk that a frightened raccoon will damage your property or belongings during the removal process.

  • Raccoons can get into places that are difficult or nearly impossible to get into; luring them out of these hard-to-reach areas and trapping them humanely requires the right equipment and proper training in wildlife removal. At Rottler, our technicians are equipped with both!

  • Even after the raccoons have been removed, there is still more to be done. The areas of infestation must be disinfected and repairs must be made to prevent another raccoon from replacing the raccoons that were removed. The services provided by our highly-trained team here at Rottler are comprehensive and address the entire problem, the first time!

  • If there are secondary pest control concerns in your home such as ticks or fleas as a result of your raccoon infestation, your technician will know what to do to help contain and eliminate those threats.

  • These wildlife animals may not seem like a very big threat, but raccoons are actually on the top of the list for the threat of rabies here in the United States. And rabies is a very serious threat. In fact, in unvaccinated cases, this disease is almost always fatal. But when you have one of our professionals here at Rottler come and remove the raccoons in your home or on your property, you won't have to worry about contracting rabies from a raccoon bite!

If you're having issues with raccoons, give us a call to learn more about our wildlife control options. We’d be happy to help you get your problem under control!


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