Winter weather can cause a lot of stress and damage to your lawn so proper lawn care this spring is a very important step to ensure a healthy looking landscape the rest of the year. You may think that it is a little early to start thinking about spring lawn care, but spring is just around the corner, and taking the time to plan now will help to ensure that your lawn is strong and happy this spring, and for the rest of the year.

In order to make sure that your spring landscape is as successful and healthy as it can be, there are some things that you should not miss doing around your property. Tips for having a successful spring landscape include:

  • Raking your lawn- This is especially important if you did not get to rake of your lawn in the fall. Raking your lawn in the early spring will get rid of any debris and dead grass that has been left behind after winter and allow you to get a good view of what is going on in your yard. Are there any bare patches that need seeding? Have lawn rodents taken up residence in your lawn?

  • Aeration of your lawn- Over the winter, your soil has the tendency to compact, especially in heavier traffic areas. It is best to take note of the areas in the spring and then plan take care of the problem in the fall when lawn aeration is recommended.

  • Fertilization of your lawn- Spring time is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn; it helps to rejuvenate your lawn after a long winter of dormancy. This is a necessary, yet tricky part of lawn care, an improperly chosen fertilizer can actually do more damage than good! You need to make sure that the fertilizer you choose is right for the type for lawn that you have, the area you live in, and for the time of year.

  • Weed control- Spring is the perfect time to put weed control down on your lawn. This will eliminate the weeds before they even get the chance to emerge from the ground.

  • Lawn pest control- After cleaning up your yard, if you notice the presence of pests in or around your lawn, it is the perfect time to contact professional pest control experts. Lawn pest control experts will be able to quickly and efficiently eliminate and control these types of pests from your lawn and prevent more damage to your lawn from occurring.

Making sure to plan and complete spring landscaping around your St. Louis property will help to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and can be enjoyed by your family and friends throughout the spring, summer and fall months. If you decide that DIY home lawn maintenance is not for you, professional lawn care experts will be able to prepare and take care of your lawn for you. At Rottler, we will provide you with scheduled services that are expertly customized to your lawns individualized needs. Just give us a call if you are ready to tackle your plans for lawn care this coming spring.

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