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Helpful Articles, Tips, and More!

Insects, rodents and wildlife are a part of life - sometimes an annoying one. The Rottler team has put together this Resource Center to help property owners in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri understand more about the pests that live around them. From basic identification to more in-depth articles covering a wide range of topics including health and safety risks, prevention tips and treatment options, discover more about the pests that surround you.

Resource Center

Pest Library

Visit our Pest Library to learn more about pests including what they look like and why they might be infesting your home or business. 

Pest Articles

Everything you need to know about insect, rodent and wildlife pests including tips and tricks to help you keep them out for good. 

Lawn Articles

Advice on lawn pests and disease as well as lawn care tips for Missouri property owners who want to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn. 

Pest Control Awards

Rottler strives for excellence in business and customer service. We are proud of the following honors and recognition we have received.

Ask the Entomologist

Need help identifying a pest or just have a couple questions? Submit your question to Rottler's on-staff entomologist. 

Rottler's Blog

Find out what's happening in the pest control industry and at Rottler, and what pests are active right now in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri.

SDS and Labels

A comprehensive list of product labels and safety information for any and all products used by Rottler Pest Solutions.