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Roof Line

Easily  prevent pests from accessing the inside of your home via the roof by making sure to keep trees trimmed back away from the house and inspect your gutters often to ensure that they are not backing up with leaves and other debris  and attracting pests.

st louis pest are looking to enter your home through the roof line


Easily prevent spiders, mice and other pests from making your attic their home by organizing boxes and removing any clutter.  Homeowners don't often access their attics, making this location the perfect, secluded hiding spot for pests.

st louis pest could be in your attic

Trash Storage

If you store trashcans outdoors, we recommend durable plastic or metal cans with tightly fitting lids, free of holes or cracks.  And if possible, try and store them as far away from your home as you can; a trashcan is an open invitation to dinner for insects, rodents and wildlife! 

proper trash storage can help prevent pest infestations in st louis

A clean kitchen

Insects and rodents need food and water too and what better place to find their next meal then in your kitchen!  To deter pests from dining on your crumbs, we recommend cleaning your kitchen often, remembering to deep clean under appliances and around the stove, where grease and crumbs may accumulate.

clean your kitchen appropriately to prevent pest infestations in st louis

Windows and doors

Tiny cracks and crevices as well as moisture can be a problem around windows and doors. To help prevents pests, seal any openings; the tiniest crevice could be an easy entry point. Also fix any leaks around windows and properly address moisture issues.

make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly to prevent pests

The foundation

Just like any crack or crevice around your home, your foundation can provide the perfect entry point for ants, spiders, mice and other pests. Inspect your foundation often and seal any cracks and crevices to prevent pests from strolling right in!

many pests can enter your home through cracks in the foundation

Pest Prevention Tips

Keep Out The Pests With These Tips From Rottler

Here at Rottler, we understand how difficult it is to keeps pests out of your home.  To help you combat the ongoing struggle with pest prevention, we would like to offer you these helpful pest prevention tips.



Wood Destroying Insects

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