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Mosquitoes Are Returning to Kansas City - Are You Prepared?

When the warm weather returns, so do the mosquitoes. It happens every year. Not that mosquitoes really went anywhere. They don't fly south for the winter like birds do. They just grow dormant in our yards and wait till the warmth wakes them up. When they wake up, they start doing what mosquitoes do: they bite us. A lot. And those bites leave itchy welts that drive us crazy. But those itchy welts aren't the real danger mosquitoes pose to Kansas City residents. Mosquitoes can carry a wide range of human pathogens. Are you prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones from these viruses and diseases?

If you start early enough, you can have a serious impact on mosquito populations in your yard, reducing your chances of being bitten during the summer months when mosquitoes are most active. It is a two-part process.

STEP 1: Stop The Cycle of Reproduction.

Mosquitoes don't typically travel very far during their lifespan, sometimes only a few hundred feet. So stopping mosquitoes from hatching in your yard can actually make a difference. How do you do this? By removing containers and preventing stagnant water.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water and it doesn't take much water accumulation for mosquitoes to breed. They can breed in rainwater collected in a gutter system, on a lawnmower that wasn't stowed away, in the socket of a toy left in the yard, in a plant pot, etc. If you have containers in your yard, dump them out onto the ground. This will allow the sun to dry those developing mosquitoes out and eliminate them.

STEP 2: Eliminate Your Neighbors Mosquitoes.

When mosquitoes come into your yard from your neighbor's yard, they're going to have a hard time finding a place to breed, if you've taken step one but they'll still be able to bite you and anyone else in your yard. They'll bite your pets too. The secret is to eliminate them before they do. This is done by applying a product to your landscaping that is strong enough to take down those mosquitoes but not strong enough to impact you, your kids, your pets, and others who go into your yard. When mosquitoes rest in your yard, waiting for you to come to dinner (you being the main course) they will be eliminated by this product. But it is important to use the right products and the correct amounts. The best option is to have professional mosquito treatments. Licensed professional use field-tested insecticides and methods that have established track records. There's no guesswork involved.

If you need seasonal mosquito service for your Kansas home, let the team at Rottler help. We offer industry-leading mosquito reduction services for residents and business owners in the Greater Kansas City area. Now is the time to get started with mosquito control. Don't give those dangerous pests a chance to bite you, even once.

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