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Mole / Lawn Rodent Control

Are Moles Messing Up Your Yard?

If moles and and other lawn rodents are turning your healthy lawn into an unsightly mess the Rottler team can help.  Serving St. Louis, Columbia and Jefferson City, we offer the most advanced and effective mole control and lawn rodent programs available.  Our service includes:

  • Year-round, warranted protection--no charge for follow-up visits in between services

  • Non-invasive, exterior treatments--you don't even have to be home for us to do your service

About Moles

Moles are small mammals with round bodies, long and narrow snouts, small eyes and no visible ears. They rely heavily on their sense of touch to survive. Moles prefer soft, moist soil and feed primarily on earthworms, but will also eat millipedes, centipedes, grubs and other organisms in the soil. As moles travel, they tunnel underground, uprooting the soil and exposing roots of trees, shrubs, plants and grass. When the roots are exposed, they do not receive the nutrients they need to survive. Moles can travel as quickly as 18 feet an hour, giving them the ability to cause extensive damage in a short period of time.

Mole Control From Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions

Rottler uses the first and only mole bait scientifically-proven to eliminate moles. The bait has the same size, shape and feel as the moles natural food source, the earthworm and features special enhancers to ensure acceptance by the mole. This treatment is safe and concealed--the bait is placed down in the ground so you will not even know it’s there... that is, until you see the amazing results. In instances where a mole infestation is severe, traps may be utilized in conjunction with these baits to gain initial control of the mole population.

Rottler’s mole treatment begins with an initial service regimen that includes 3 or more visits in a 1-2 week time frame. Your technician will evaluate your problem, begin treatment and monitor your yard for signs of new mole activity.

Once we eliminate your initial mole infestation, our mole control programs consist of every other month maintenance services to ensure that no new mole activity is present.  At times in between services, you might see new mole activity arise; the more lush and lavish your landscape, the more appealing it is to moles.  Homes adjacent to open fields, creeks or wooded areas are also especially inviting to moles.

While no force can prevent new moles from venturing onto your property, we will do whatever it takes to eliminate them once they do.  That's why our mole control programs come with unlimited FREE follow-up visits.  If ever in between services you observe new mole activity in your yard, just give us a call and we'll come out and re-treat until we've alleviated the infestation at no additional charge to you. 

 See just how we do it!  View our new webcast video on mole control.

Solving Your Lawn Rodent Problem

Rottler will strategically place tamper-resistant lawn rodent bait stations around the exterior foundation of your home. The stations are locked and safely anchored to the ground to ensure the safety of children and pets. Weather-resistant rodent bait blocks are placed inside these stations to attract voles and are monitored regularly to determine and eliminate the source of lawn rodent activity.

Lawn rodents, also known as voles or field mice, are small rodents approximately 3 to 5 inches long. Their coats can range in color from brown to gray and they have short tails, short legs and a thick, furry coat. Lawn rodents create both above-ground and underground passageways in the soil, while feeding mostly on vegetation, causing damage to not only your grass, but also your gardens and flowerbeds. And because of their sheer number – reproducing six to nine times per year, with six to nine young in each litter – and their tendency to nest under patios, porches and in mulch beds, lawn rodents can be quite damaging to your property.

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Our mole control is the ideal solution for homes and businesses in Mid-Missouri, including Columbia, Florissant, Wentzville and St. Charles. For more information or to schedule your FREE mole or lawn rodent analysis, contact us or call toll free 1.877.ROTTLER.  

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