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While every home is unique in its own way, our homes have many similarities. Every home has a kitchen. Every home has a living room. And every home has vulnerabilities that mice and rats can exploit. Let's take a look at a few of those vulnerable spots and see if we can make them a little harder for rodents to take advantage of.

Rodents Get in Through Doors

The doors of your home aren't just a great way for you to enter your home. Mice and rats can use them as well. No, they don't spring into the air, grip the handle, and open the door. It would be scary if they did. Those mice and rats target the frame around the door, the weather stripping, and the door sweep.

  • Frame: Around every door is a frame. It can be a simple frame or it can be an elaborate frame with sidelite framing, mull cover, sash, muntin, and other features. No matter what kind of door you have, rodents can take advantage of weaknesses in your frame. The points of entry will usually be created at the bottom, especially in areas that are obscured by a plant pot or some other object that gives cover. In these spots, mice and rats can use their strong teeth to create a hole that gives them access to your door voids and, eventually, the wall voids beyond.
  • Weather stripping: All around your exterior doors, there is a rubber seal. This is called weather stripping but it could also be aptly named a "pest seal" because of the way it works to keep bugs out. If a rodent finds a gap and is able to chew on weather stripping, they can create a hole large enough to squeeze in through. A mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime.
  • Door sweep: The bottom of your exterior doors should have door sweeps that seat against the bottom portion of your weather stripping. This may also be damaged by rodents as they attempt to gain entry. A quick inspection can help you determine if this is the way rodents are getting into your Missouri or Illinois home.

Doors that are close to the soil are more vulnerable than doors in higher locations on your home. This is because they are exposed to more moisture and low enough for rodents to gain easy access to the spots they need to chew on.

Rodents Get in Through Windows

Just as mice and rats can exploit the frames of doors, they can do the same with windows. The frames around windows, especially windows in foundation walls, are easy access points for mice and other rodents. It is vital to keep these areas as dry as possible. This will keep moisture from softening the wood. And make sure your landscaping doesn't provide the cover rodents need to do their job in secrecy.

Rodents Chew Through the Sill

When a home is constructed, it is built from the foundation up. Just above the foundation are horizontal studs that are fastened to the concrete. These studs are called the sill, the sill plate or the sole plate. If this wood foundational support is dampened by water, it can become vulnerable to rodent damage. This can occur when a gutter system is obstructed by debris and water runs down the side of the home during rainstorms.

Rodents Chew Through Seals Around Pipes

When pipes are installed, The holes created in the foundation wall, exterior wall, or roof is typically larger than the pipe. This gives the installer some wiggle room when working out the angles. Once the pipes are installed, a seal is created around the pipe. It might be concrete, it might be caulk, it might be rubber, but, whatever the seal is made of, rodents can gnaw on it and find a way into your home through the gap that seal is protecting. House mice and Norway rats will typically attack pipes that enter the home through low points. Roof rats will chew on the gaskets around roof exhaust pipes.

What To Do When Rodents Break In

If you're seeing evidence of rodents in your Missouri of Illinois home, reach out Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions and schedule a free, no-obligation pest inspection. We'll send a licensed pest professional right to your home and help you figure out where these rodents are entering your home and formulate a plan to rid your property of them. The Rottler team is QualityPro Certified and highly rated on social media for excellent service. With Rottler, you'll get the best pest control available, every time.  


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