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If bed bugs are leaving bites on you, or someone else in your home, you may be wondering how those bugs got inside. You're not alone. This is usually the first question we get. Let's take a look at some of the many ways bed bugs could have gotten into your home. But, more importantly, let's look at how to keep them out.

How Bed Bugs "Don't" Get In

It is important to understand that bed bugs don't live in your yard. These insects live almost exclusively with humans. So, if you have ongoing pest control from a trusted provider, you can rest easy knowing that they didn't let you down. Your perimeter is protected. The problem is, bed bugs breach your perimeter by hitching a ride inside. Unless you've invested in routine bed bug inspections, your pest management company isn't going to be able to stop these bugs before they start biting you.

Ways Bed Bugs Get In

Here are several ways bed bugs can get in, beginning with some of the lesser known and unexpected ways.

  • Libraries. There are two reasons libraries across the country are now battling bed bugs. For one, libraries are public places where people bring bags, and bed bugs can be transported in bags. It is also a structure that has lots of hardback books, which people put next to their beds after reading. Bed bugs lay their eggs in tight spaces, like the creases of a mattress. It is only natural for them to lay their eggs in the creases of hardback books.

  • The movies. While you're nibbling on popcorn, bed bugs might be nibbling on you. Bed bugs have found a home in some movie theaters. This is because they can feed on humans while they are fully awake. It is a good idea to use the light on your smartphone to take a quick peek for insect activity when you take in the next blockbuster movie. It could prevent bed bugs from climbing into your pockets or pocketbook and traveling home with you.

  • Grandparents. Whether you go to visit a grandparent, or you have a grandparent come to visit you, visiting grandparents are a way you can pick bed bugs up. There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason is that bed bug bites don't affect the elderly as badly as they do young people. Their skin is more resistant to the anticoagulant administered by bed bugs into the wounds. For this reason, structures that house seniors are more susceptible to bed bug infestations.

  • Sleepovers. If you have young kids, you could pick up bed bugs after a sleepover. A home can have a bed bug infestation for several months before realizing it. If they do, those bugs could become your bugs if your child spends the night. To prevent this, be sure to do an inspection of your child's items when they return. Look for tiny white eggs and tiny pale, tan, or reddish-brown insects. For added protection, wash and dry all clothing and bedding on the hottest temperature.

  • Public transportation. Bed bugs are dispersed passively. When they climb into an item and get transported, they do this by accident. They can just as easily go from one item to the next on public transportation. It is also possible for bed bugs to infest a cab, train, bus, and other vehicles.

  • Vacations. This is the most common way bed bugs come home with people. One big reason is that bed bug control in other parts of the world is not as robust as it is here in the United States. If you stay in a room that was occupied by a traveler from a country with limited pest control, you could accidentally expose yourself to bed bugs. Hotels, motels, and resorts are also prime targets for bed bugs simply because lots of people come to stay the night. And there is nothing bed bugs love more than a sleeping human.

  • Work. Since bed bugs show up in many business locations, you may be exposed when you go to work at your job. It is important to know what bed bugs look like and what signs they leave behind so that you can better prevent bed bugs from riding home with you.

  • Used furniture. While bed bugs are more likely to be on a mattress, box spring, or piece of furniture from a bedroom, they can be in any piece of furniture inside a home. Always inspect furniture or have a pest control company check those items for you. A K-9 bed bug inspector can make short work of checking many items at once.

For assistance with bed bug remediation, or K-9 bed bug inspections in Missouri, give us a call today.


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