Which Mosquitoes Carry Zika?

Each year, we hear more and more about the various viruses and diseases spread by the mosquito all over the world. For the past few years, the latest and most publicized in the U.S. is the Zika virus. The Zika virus is transmitted mainly by mosquitoes but is also transmitted sexually by folks who have no idea that they have contracted the disease from a bite. The symptoms include severe headaches, bloodshot eyes, fever, rashes, and painful joints and muscles. These symptoms usually last around… Continue

Zika Update 2017

mosquito treatment in st. louis

Mosquito season is on its way. Beautiful warmer weather brings on the dreaded mosquito season and the new concerns of the Zika Virus. Due to perfect seasonal conditions, mosquitoes are on the increase in the United States. However, not all mosquitoes carry the Zika Virus, but it is wise to avoid mosquitoes, especially if you are pregnant. You can protect yourself with mosquito repellent and by reducing the mosquito population around your home. For current updates on reported Zika Virus in your… Continue

Bitten: Zika Virus 101

The world has had its fair share of virus outbreaks in the past few years: first Ebola and now Zika. But not many people are familiar with the Zika virus. So what is it and what steps can you take to protect yourself? Continue

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