Pest Tips For Valentine's Day

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As Valentine's Day approaches, how about showing your home some love by protecting it from wildlife, termites, carpenter ants and all the many pests that want to get in and make your family miserable. When spring arrives, all those dormant pests are going to come to life. Here are some ways to get the jump on them. Continue

Will Moles Go Away This Winter?

mole hole in the winter

First, what is a mole? A mole is a 6" - 8" mammal of the class insectivore. It is not a rodent as some believe. It does not chew, it digs. A mole can make up to one hundred feet of tunnel every day as it searches for bugs and worms to eat. It really loves those bugs and worms. Your standard mole can eat two to three times its body weight each day. Mmmmm. Yummy! Continue

Winter Pest Control

This is the time of year where you start hearing creatures stirring in the night. Continue

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