Why Call Rottler For Raccoon Problems In Kansas City

raccoon up close

If a bobcat, cougar, or black bear found a way into your home, you wouldn't need anyone to tell you to be careful. You know how dangerous those animals can be. But when a raccoon enters a home, some homeowners attempt to get rid of it on their own, rather than calling a wildlife management company. Continue

Protecting Your Springfield Home From Raccoons This Fall

raccoon up close

Raccoons are like furry burglars. Their dexterous fingers give them the ability to get into our Springfield homes in a way no other animal can. Continue

5 Major Wildlife Threats Missouri Residents Should Prepare For This Fall

racoon in leaves

In nature, animals find hiding places during the winter. They may choose a deep crack in the side of a cliff wall. They may burrow a hole deep into the ground. They may use a log or a hollowed-out tree. Wherever they hide, they'll use the natural insulation of the landscape and the warmth of other animals to make it through the cold winter months. But, when they come across a man-made structure and discover warmth, they're inclined to leave those natural hiding spaces behind. Continue

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