What Do Moles Like To Eat?

mole digging tunnel

There are many pests that can invade your yard and damage your landscaping and lawn, but none do the job as perfectly as the mole. Moles are insectivores, choosing to feed on mostly insects. They are commonly confused with rodents like mice and voles. Moles are generally around 6-8 inches long; they have soft brown to dark gray fur and long snouts that protrude about an inch. The most distinguishing feature of moles, however, is their oversized front feet that have paddle shaped hands and large… Continue

Groundhog Day, Every Day

groundhog coming out from under shed

Have you heard of the movie Groundhog Day? Perhaps you've seen it. It is about a weatherman named Phil Connors, who gets caught in a time loop, living February 2nd, Groundhog Day, over and over again. If you have a groundhog living on your property, you might feel a little bit like Phil right now. Groundhog day is over! Why are you waking up to another day of groundhog frustrations? Is this going to go on forever? We understand how you feel. Having a groundhog take up residence in your yard can… Continue

5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Wildlife

up close image of a raccoon in st louis

There is a good chance that wherever you live, you have had the opportunity to see a squirrel or two in your time. You might even have been visited by skunks, raccoons, rabbits and maybe even the occasional possum. You might look forward to these backyard visitors every once in a while as they forage in the grass and trees around your home looking for their next meal, while you quietly take pictures of them from the safety of your living room window. Continue

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