Lyme Disease Is In The Limelight

blacklegged tick on blades of grass

The winter of 2015, on a whole, is pretty much being chalked up as the winter that wasn’t. The snowfall totals were down in many places across the US, and the average temperature was lower than it’s been in previous years. Besides a lower heating bill, fewer times hitting the slopes and a higher probability of an off-white Christmas, what else does a mild winter mean? Unfortunately, we are in the midst of dealing with one of the effects of that mild winter right now, an increased… Continue

St. Louis Ticks Are On The Rise

tick on human skin

Does it ever seem to you like the discussion and concern over ticks has increased dramatically over the past few years? Well, it’s not all in your head. Back in the “good old days”, ticks were nothing more than something your parents checked for after you went camping or hiking. Continue

Is Lyme Disease A Problem In St. Louis?

tick on grass in st louis

Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness month? Lyme disease is spread through black legged tick, or deer tick bites. Continue

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