The Worst Pest Threats Missouri Residents Face This Summer

family enjoying pest-free property

We have a lot of bugs in Missouri. You've probably noticed. But not every bug in the state is going to present a threat to our health and our property. There is only a select group that plagues us each year. We call them pests. Here are nine of the worst summer pests we deal with. Continue

Are Rodents A Summer Concern Too?

Rodent Management

People love summer. It’s a time for laughter and fun, weekends at the lake, and afternoon barbeques. As it turns out, rodents love summer too. Who knew? You're probably thinking, “Aren’t rodents a fall pest?” They can be. But keep in mind, they don’t take the summer off. They still need to eat. If you're not properly prepared, your home can become their feeding ground. Continue

What Lurks In Your Yard?

green grass

They say that sometimes ignorance is bliss. When it comes to bugs in your lawn, we tend to agree. There are lots of different kinds of pests that can invade your lawn. Some are beneficial and some, well, not so much... Continue

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