Flea And Tick Prevention Tips For The Upcoming Summer

tick on human skin in st louis

Even though it seems like we have just entered into the spring season, summer in St. Louis will be here before we know it. To most people summer means sunshine, gardening, picnics and other outdoor fun, but it also means bugs. The warm weather of summer makes bugs of all kinds come out and become very active. Continue

Flea And Tick Prevention For Your Pets And You!

Flea And Tick Prevention Tips

It’s that time of the year again - fleas and ticks are back! That means it’s time to prepare your home, family and pets for a season when flea infestations and tick bites are more common than you may like to think. Prevention is the best way to avoid the drama of a massive flea infestation in your home and also to avoid the potential spread of Lyme disease from a tick bite. From our St. Louis pest control professionals, here are a few tips to prevent fleas and ticks on your pets and… Continue

Hey St. Louis - Are You Prepared For Tick Season?

Tick Found In St. Louis

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, which means it is time to talk ticks! Blacklegged ticks, also called deer ticks, become active in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri areas in May and stay most active through July, but can be found well into the fall season. As you may already know, many species of ticks including blacklegged ticks carry Lyme disease. In past years, Lyme disease has been a serious concern and this year, we want to help raise awareness so families understand what exactly… Continue

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