Termites, Coming To A Home Near You!

st. louis termite swarm

Have you ever seen a termite swarm? Maybe you have, and didn't realize it. If you've ever seen hundreds of bugs flying around a street light, there is a good chance you've seen a termite swarm. Continue

3 Signs That You May Have Termites

termite in a st louis home

The NPMA estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. That is a staggering figure and much of this damage goes undetected. Often, homeowners don't even realize they have termites until they begin to see the damage. Walls begin to bulge. Floors begin to sag. Doors begin to stick. And if you think you're safe because your house isn't made of wood, think again. Termites are able to get past metal and vinyl siding, plaster, and other exteriors. Once inside, they feed on… Continue

Spring Yard Work Reveals Signs Of Termites

Termite Wood Damages In St. Louis

It is spring!!! Many St. Louis homeowners are spending extra time outside working in the yard or doing home improvement projects. Activities like cleaning up debris, planting gardens and mowing the lawn are just a few of the outdoor spring projects that keep us busy. However, one thing you might not be familiar with is the different signs of termite activity that you may come across when working outside and around the home. Even though termites in St. Louis live underground and are not often… Continue

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