An Emphasis On Education

ace certified entomologist

Most pest control companies seek to attain a level of professionalism that exceeds the minimum standards required in order to operate a pest control business in the state of Missouri. Many companies will send their employees to seminars on pest control, and some even make sure that their staff is state certified. But here at Rottler, we believe that being the best at pest control requires more than an understanding of pest control procedures. To achieve excellence in pest control, it is… Continue

Pitter Patter Of Mouse Feet In The Kitchen

mouse on st louis driveway

The pitter patter of little feet….. There is nothing like the sound of the pitter patter of little feet. As long as the pitter patter is followed closely by children laughing and calling for you. To many people, It is one of the most comforting sounds they have known  Continue

Honey Bees - Safe Handling Required!

Honey Bee

You would’ve had to have been living under a rock, or maybe in a hive, for the last few years to not have heard about the concerns regarding honey bees. The number of honey bees has been declining rapidly for a number of years now. This can be a major problem as we count on honey bees to pollinate fruits, nuts and vegetables. They play a critical role in the food industry here in the US and around the globe. No one wants to see their numbers continue to decline. While it seems that there… Continue

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