How To Tell If Your Kansas City Home Is At Risk For Termites

termites eating wood

When termites attack homes in Missouri, there isn't much fanfare. You're not going to wake up and find insects crawling all over the place. The termites we battle in Missouri are subterranean termites. And, if you're not aware, subterranean termites are very sneaky. Continue

How To Protect Your Ashland Home From Termite Damage

termites up close in ashland

At first, when termites make their way up from the soil and begin nibbling away at the insides of your walls, you won't see the damage being done. In fact, years can go by without anyone having a clue. But if this activity is allowed to go on for months and years at a time, the damage will start to become very apparent. Continue

Unwelcome Surprise Found In Walls Of St. Louis Home

termites found on piece of wood

Here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we often receive calls from people needing help with pest problems, in one form or or another. It is after all, what we do! We have built a reputation for fast, effective pest control services and can deal with any pest issue you send our way.  Continue

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