Rodent Awareness Week 2017

Rodent Awareness Week 2017 is being celebrated from October 22nd thru October 28th. It is a week that is dedicated to informing both home and business owners just how dangerous rodent infestations can be. Many think of a rodent infestation as just a nuisance, but in reality, they are a very dangerous pest. Continue

Do Rodents Move Out In Spring?

mouse hiding between wall

If you have had rodents living inside your walls all winter, you may be inclined to believe that as soon as the weather gets warm enough, they will pack up and move back to their summer places. After all, aren't rodents better able to survive in the wild when temperatures are pleasant and food and water are plentiful? Well, while this may be true, being outside in the wild is not their first choice. Continue

Rodents And Thanksgiving

mouse sneaking around a st louis kitchen

When you picture a perfect Thanksgiving scene, what do you imagine - A giant succulent turkey, pilgrim hats, colorful leaves and other decorations made by children? Do you envision scenes of Pilgrims and Native Americans gathering together for a feast? There are a lot of things that go with Thanksgiving: potatoes, gravy, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, carrots, pies, cakes, cookies, rodents...wait, what? You don't think rodents are part of a perfect Thanksgiving… Continue

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