Winter Rodent Problems To Be Aware Of In Kansas City

rodent on wooden floor

A rodent infestation can pop up out of nowhere. One day, you don't have rodents, the next day, you do. But, when an infestation begins, you may not even know it. Most commensal rodents are very quiet as they go about their activities inside your home. Continue

With Weather Getting Colder Pests Are Looking For New Homes

mouse near st louis home

There is no denying it, the weather is changing here in St. Louis, we know it and pests know it as well. These pests will start seeking out warmer places to stay this winter. Rodents like mice and rats are prime examples of pests that seek out warmer shelter during the winter months unless you take preventative measure to keep them out that is. Continue

Rodents And Thanksgiving

mouse sneaking around a st louis kitchen

When you picture a perfect Thanksgiving scene, what do you imagine - A giant succulent turkey, pilgrim hats, colorful leaves and other decorations made by children? Do you envision scenes of Pilgrims and Native Americans gathering together for a feast? There are a lot of things that go with Thanksgiving: potatoes, gravy, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, carrots, pies, cakes, cookies, rodents...wait, what? You don't think rodents are part of a perfect Thanksgiving… Continue

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