Watch Out For Animals In The Attic During Spring Cleaning

Raccoon in St. Louis Attic

It won’t be long now before spring arrives here in St. Louis and Missouri and you know what that means- time to clean! Yes, spring cleaning is a must and really gives you a chance to haul out the clutter, sort through clothing, scrub like there’s no tomorrow and really get organized. If you’re really ambitious, you may be thinking of attacking the attic but before you do, a word of caution. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has seen many cases of unsuspecting homeowners… Continue

Raccoons In St. Louis Are Bad Winter House Guests

raccoon getting into the trash at a st louis home

Although a wild animal, raccoons can adapt very well to human environments. They have been known for breaking and entering into homes even in suburban areas. For many, the threat of raccoons stops at them getting into your trash at night but some St. Louis residents are finding these wildlife pests take it one step or several further. Continue

Time To Check Your Attic For Winter Pests

As the winter weather is quickly approaching, pests including raccoons, rodents, and spiders will be searching for a place to spend the winter. Your attic could provide the perfect source of food, water, and shelter necessary for survival.  Continue

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