How You Can Avoid The St. Louis Christmas Mouse

mouse on a red christmas bulb

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night hearing a pitter patter of small feet running through the walls? Ok, so there is no rare species in St. Louis called the Christmas mouse but there are many mice in St. Louis that would love to spend their Christmas right inside your home...if they have access that is. Continue

Mud Daubers In Spring

mud dauber

Do you have a stinging insect living in your home? You may, and not even realize it. Wasps are notorious for overwintering in homes, which can be a serious problem for folks who want to renovate their attics during the winters. But, whether or not you are considering an end-of-winter remodeling project, overwintering wasps can become a problem in spring. So, let's take a look at what a mud dauber is and what you can do to prevent accidental contact with these painful pests.  Continue

Rottler: Prevent Summer Pests Now

After a long winter, there’s nothing better than spending time outside. But for some homeowners, spending time outdoors can mean a whole lot of pest problems. Continue

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