Overwintering Pests Will Be Waking Up Soon; Are You Ready?

lady beetles huddled together

The term "overwintering pest" applies to any bug or wild animal that uses man-made harborage to hide from winter temperatures, but it is best applied to creatures that only hide temporarily. After all, overwintering sounds like something a creature would do over the winter, right? If you have mice, cockroaches, or some other pest creature that is able to easily find food resources inside your home, this is not the article for you. We'll be focusing on the overwintering pests that are not suited… Continue

Are You Ready For Winter Pests?

rottler technician inspecting

Isn't it amazing to just be able to sit down and rest after a hard day’s work? It feels good, doesn't it? You know the job is done and it has been done right. Now you can simply relax and enjoy the quiet satisfaction. It’s nice to enjoy some down time with family and friends, to feast and laugh and unwind. As humans, we sometimes have this luxury, to simply be, and not work. Isn't it wonderful? Household pests do not have this luxury. Continue

What Are Overwintering Pests?

boxelder bug searching for winter shelter

Bugs and wild animals are wired to live in nature. No one has to teach the wolf spider that crickets are tasty. They just know. No one has to train birds to fly south for the winter or teach a mouse how to make a nest. They are born with a fixed pattern of behavior called instinct. Instinct tells them what places are suitable for them to live and what is needed to live in those places. Ants work together to make mounds. Boxelder bugs gather together on the sides of trees. Every creature is aware… Continue

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