Are Ants Showing Up In Your Home On Warm Days?

Odorous House Ant In St. Louis Home

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind here in St. Louis. Some days it is near 60 degrees and sunny, other days it’s snowing and in the 30s. Either way, Spring is drawing near and that means that St. Louis residents are beginning to see ants foraging in their kitchen or other areas of the home, especially on the warmer winter days we’ve been experiencing. Continue

Trying To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Own?

St. Louis Professional Ant Control

If you see an ant or two in the kitchen, you are probably thinking no big deal… You reach for a spray bottle under the sink and then wipe them away. However, as time goes on, you keep on noticing more and more ants in the kitchen foraging for food crumbs that you left behind. If this sounds like you, it is likely that you have an infestation and unfortunately, Do-It-Yourself ant control is not best way to get rid of ants. In fact, our St. Louis exterminators find that many methods that… Continue

Don't Let Ants Drive You Nuts This Spring, Contact Rottler

odorous house ant

Homeowners in St. Louis, St. Charles and throughout Mid-Missouri at one time or another have seen an ant or two creeping across their kitchen floor or counter top.  During the spring season, this is especially true as nuisance house ants start to emerge from behind walls and baseboards in search for food. Continue

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