Bugs & Barbecues Don't Mix

child eating hamburger

Bugs and BBQ’s.  It sounds like a great title for a reality TV show.  Can’t you just see it now? The producers set up scenes where huge swarms of mosquitoes attack, or oodles of bees dive bomb guests and sting to their hearts content, or perhaps ginormous ants carry off the steak and the watermelon while the guests stand helplessly by.  While all of that seems like a bit of overkill, the truth is that it doesn’t take many pests to ruin a perfectly good… Continue

Battling Mosquitoes

The CDC reports there are more than 470 cases in the continental U.S. all are associated with travel to Zika-affected areas. The warm, rainy, humid weather begins mosquito season in St. Louis. Continue

How To Control Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes In St. Louis

If you are seeing a massive amount of mosquitoes swarming around your home and property, it is likely that these blood sucking pests have found ideal breeding grounds nearby, aka sources of standing water. Homeowners in St. Louis are starting to notice a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around which can lead to the spread of mosquito borne illnesses (i.e. West Nile virus) via mosquito bites. So in order to prevent problems with mosquitoes this summer, our St. Louis pest… Continue

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