How To Control Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes In St. Louis

If you are seeing a massive amount of mosquitoes swarming around your home and property, it is likely that these blood sucking pests have found ideal breeding grounds nearby, aka sources of standing water. Homeowners in St. Louis are starting to notice a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around which can lead to the spread of mosquito borne illnesses (i.e. West Nile virus) via mosquito bites. So in order to prevent problems with mosquitoes this summer, our St. Louis pest… Continue

Enjoy The Pool - Minus The Mosquito Bites

mosquito biting a person in saint louis missouri

When the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, many families turn to the pool for a little cool off. But if your St. Louis home happens to be surrounded by mosquitoes, hanging out by the pool could be far from fun. Most mosquitoes are ruthless and will send you running for the house or left with itchy, red welts from bites. Since thousands of mosquitoes are born each day near many homes, it is important that homeowners learn how to control them and prevent their bites. Continue

Take A Bite Out Of Mosquitoes This Summer

St. Louis Mosquito Control Treats Mosquito Breeding Areas

Summer has almost arrived here in Missouri and there’s nothing quite like enjoying the warmer days on your deck , taking time in your garden or entertaining your friends and family with a backyard BBQ.  Unfortunately mosquitoes also appreciate a nice summer day are likely crashers to any outdoor activity or get-together.  Continue

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