What You Need To Know About Spiders In St. Louis

st louis house spider

There are over three thousand six hundred species of spiders in the United States and Canada. Thankfully, only a handful care to share your home with you. If you live in St. Louis and have spiders, chances are they're harmless, and usually considered a nuisance pest. Continue

Are There Black Widows In Missouri?

black widow spider in st louis

The question has been asked, are there black widow spiders in the great state of Missouri? The short answer is, yes. Black widow spiders can be found all over the United States, especially in states to the West and South. Continue

Prevent 8 Legged House Guests This Winter

Have you been preparing your home for winter? Removing window screens, adding weather stripping around doors and windows and getting the down comforter on the bed are all ways that we prepare our homes for winter. Missouri spiders prepare for winter another way; by searching for a safe and warm place to spend the winter. If you aren’t careful, it could be inside your home. Continue

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