What To Do When Rodents Take Up Residence In Your Home

mice in a st louis home looking for food

Do you have mice or rats? You probably won't know at first, because their soft feet make them stealthier than a ninja. This, along with the fact that rodents are timid, and generally nocturnal creatures, makes them hard to detect. You're usually sleeping, when they're exploring every corner of your house for tasty morsels. The first clue that you have rodents will generally be the damage they caused while foraging. Tony the Tiger doesn't feel so great when there is a hole chewed in his side, and… Continue

6 Signs You May Have A Rodent Infestation

mouse droppings in st louis mo

You might be thinking mice and rats are not really a problem in the summertime but unfortunately they are a year round pest problem here in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri and will not let up even when the temperatures are soaring. Continue

Rodents Are A Year-Round Problem In Missouri

st. louis mouse control

It makes sense that mice and rats find refuge from the cold, snowy elements in our homes. Who or what wants to spend the winter outside? I mean if you are a polar bear sure but otherwise…probably not. The good news is that warm weather is coming. It’s only a matter of time before the windows will be open to the sounds and smells of spring. Continue

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