4 Things You Never Knew About Bed Bugs

About Bed Bugs In St. Louis

We often talk about bed bug basics like what bed bugs look like, how to get rid of bed bugs, etc., but there are actually many interesting, and perhaps slightly disturbing, facts about bed bugs. They are not just these pests that we find in hotel rooms that leave us with itchy bites and crawling skin. Bed bugs are a complex critter and their behaviors and habits are what make them a hard pest to get rid of. To help stay bed bug savvy, our St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn… Continue

Tips For Travelers: Inspecting Luggage For Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs On Vacation

You have probably heard by now that traveling is one of the easiest ways to encounter bed bugs. That’s because there are thousands of people flying, staying in hotels and catching cabs everyday. It’s no wonder that bed bugs have a field day latching onto luggage or even your clothing to hitch a ride to their next destination. At Rottler, we say it’s time for bed bugs to back off! Which is why we want to share with you some tips on how to prevent bed bugs from getting anywhere… Continue

St. Louis Bed Bug Reports Are On The Rise

Bed Bug In St. Louis

It seems that bed bugs are still on the rise in St. Louis and Missouri. We continue to get calls from homeowners who have found or suspect that they have acquired a bed bug problem and are wondering what to do next. With many rumors out there about do-it-yourself bed bug treatments, we wanted to make sure that you understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to bed bug control. Hint: Throwing away your furniture is NOT the solution! Continue

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