Bed Bug K9 Patrol

bed bug dog

It has long been known that dogs have great noses, and that they are highly intelligent. That combination makes dogs invaluable as detectives. For years, dogs have been utilized to sniff out things like bombs, drugs, fugitives, cadavers, and more; but did you know that they can also be very useful in pest control? It’s true! Because dogs have anywhere from 20 to 40 times more nasal receptors than humans do, their little snouts can identify the tiniest of smells - even the scent of bugs… Continue

Bed Bugs Go To College?

bed bug crawling on bed sheets

It is possible. Bed bugs certainly do love college, but not for the same reasons we do. They have no aspirations for higher learning. These little blood eaters love any place that is filled with humans lounging around or sleeping. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs have to crawl to get to their food. This makes them inclined to be in close walking distance to as much food as possible. Continue

The Newest Weapon In Man Vs. Bed Bugs

Bed Bug K-9

Here in the St. Louis area, bed bugs have become an increasing problem in recent years. Fortunately, there is a new weapon against these bothersome little pests that have transformed the fight against bed bugs. Dogs! That’s right, these cuddly companions are now good for more than fetching your slippers or the newspaper.  Continue

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