Flea And Tick Prevention Tips For The Upcoming Summer

tick on human skin in st louis

Even though it seems like we have just entered into the spring season, summer in St. Louis will be here before we know it. To most people summer means sunshine, gardening, picnics and other outdoor fun, but it also means bugs. The warm weather of summer makes bugs of all kinds come out and become very active. Continue

Ticks Are Already Active In St. Louis

tick control in st. louis

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Lyme disease as a result of a tick bite than you know just how serious the disease is. After a mild winter and an early start to the spring season in St. Louis and many other areas, ticks are already active which is why it is even more important to recognize May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Continue

Tick Prevention Is A Must In St. Louis

st louis mo tick control and prevention

From a mild winter into an early start to the spring season, common warm weather pests are back with a vengeance, and early. Last week we focused on the return of fleas and this week we’re focusing on another warm weather pest, the backlegged tick. Continue

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