Celebrate The Holidays Safely: More Safety Tips From Rottler

Poinsettias Are A Festive Christmas Decoration But Are Also Poisonous To Humans And Animals

Earlier this week we posted a blog with some holiday safety tips.  We focused on fire safety and how to properly care for Christmas trees.  Today we wanted to follow up with a few more holiday safety tips. Continue

Celebrate The Holidays Safely: Avoid Tree Fires

The holiday time is full of hustle and bustle, cleaning and decorating, baking and gift wrapping.  Yards and houses are decorated with beautiful displays of lights, lawn ornaments, and trees.  Unfortunately, this often leads to an increased risk of fire, and other safety hazards.  Continue

Unpacking Your Holiday Decorations Without Unpacking Pests

Watch For Insects And Rodents When Unpacking Your Christmas Decorations

The time is upon us to make that dust filled trek up into the attic again.  All of your winter wardrobe and holiday decorations are in a jumbled heap of boxes up there, and it is time to dig them out again.  The last thing that you want to happen is to open a box looking for your favorite sweater and discover a mouse jumping out at you instead.  Many native Missouri pests find their way into our storage areas, including spiders, mice, rats, and other rodents and pests. Continue

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