Protecting Your Springfield Home From Raccoons This Fall

raccoon up close

Raccoons are like furry burglars. Their dexterous fingers give them the ability to get into our Springfield homes in a way no other animal can. Continue

Raccoons: Cute But Dangerous

raccoon in st. louis

I don’t think that there is any denying that, as far as looks are concerned, raccoons are near the top of the cute list. I mean, those tiny little fingers that can grip a scrap of bread or a discarded piece of fruit and hold it to their tiny little mouths for a nibble. And how about the way they chew. Isn’t it the cutest? Oh, and how about those cute little-masked faces! Have you ever seen anything more adorable? If aggravation or danger were based on looks – well, you would… Continue

Nuisance Wildlife, Cold Weather Pests Can Be So Annoying

raccoons getting into a trash can

You know the ones! You go out to take a walk in the crisp night air, and there they are rummaging through your trash, spreading it all over the place. It takes a minute for your heart to stop pounding and the tingles to leave the top of your head once you realize that you have come face to face with a raccoon. Secretly, you are some thankful that it wasn’t a skunk; but nonetheless, you could have done without being startled. Continue

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