Keep The Pests Out With Advice From Rottler

As weather turns cold, various pests try to move into your house for warmth and to breed for the winter, Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions Jay Everitt has the solutions to keep pests out of your home. Continue

Avoid Stings From Hornets In Missouri This Fall

Prevent Missouri Hornet Stings

With fall comes falling leaves, pumpkins, apple cider and….stinging insects?! Yes, it’s true! Fall is actually one of the busiest seasons for hornets in Missouri because their populations are at their peak and there are more hungry mouths in the hive to feed than ever before. You can see these insects darting around the exterior of your home, looking for food. They are especially noticeable when they crash your family picnic or BBQ and avoiding their stings can seem like quite a… Continue

Meet The House Spider

Common Missouri Spiders

Have you met the house spider? You probably have, so introductions probably aren’t necessary. You know these little guys are inside your home by the messy webs they weave in the dark and undisturbed places of your house. Do you have webs near your windows, in the corners up by the ceiling or even in dark and hidden places in the basement? If so, you probably have house spiders. Continue

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