Keep The Pests Out With Advice From Rottler

As weather turns cold, various pests try to move into your house for warmth and to breed for the winter, Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions Jay Everitt has the solutions to keep pests out of your home. Continue

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

When the summer comes to an end and leaves begin to change color, you know that autumn has arrived. But in addition to pumpkins, apple picking and all the other fun fall activities comes an increased threat of fall pests. Common pests to wreak havoc in St. Louis during the cool fall season are mice, lady bugs, box elder bugs, and spiders among many others. Why are they moving in? When the weather gets cold, many pests are seeking a place that offers shelter, food and/or water so that they can… Continue

Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Missouri Homeowners

Want to stop pests from coming inside this fall?  Check out Rottler's infographic on fall pest prevention tips. Continue

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