How You Can Avoid The St. Louis Christmas Mouse

mouse on a red christmas bulb

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night hearing a pitter patter of small feet running through the walls? Ok, so there is no rare species in St. Louis called the Christmas mouse but there are many mice in St. Louis that would love to spend their Christmas right inside your home...if they have access that is. Continue

Protect Your Holiday Decorations Against Pests In St. Louis

Mouse in Holiday Decorations

Whether you tear the decorations down after the last Christmas gift or wait until after New Years has passed to pack up the holidays, it is a good idea to know how to safely pack your decorations. And even more importantly, how to pack them up in a manner that will keep pests out.  Continue

Celebrate The Holidays Safely: More Safety Tips From Rottler

Poinsettias Are A Festive Christmas Decoration But Are Also Poisonous To Humans And Animals

Earlier this week we posted a blog with some holiday safety tips.  We focused on fire safety and how to properly care for Christmas trees.  Today we wanted to follow up with a few more holiday safety tips. Continue

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