Stopping Summer Brown Recluse Infestations In Ashland

brown recluse spider up close

If you are like most people, then you do not enjoy encountering spiders in your home — especially if you come upon a dangerous spider such as the brown recluse! A few conditions that make your home attractive to these spiders include: having lots of insects available in and around your home for them to feed on, having holes in your exterior for them to squeeze through, having dark, cluttered areas in your home for them to hide in, and having areas with plenty of moisture or humidity inside… Continue

How To Control Common Missouri Spiders

Spiders in Missouri

Have you been seeing spiders inside your home? There are some perfectly harmless house spiders that may be lurking in the darker places inside your home, but there are also some more dangerous species of spiders in Missouri; do you know why they are in your home? The professionals at Rottler would like to offer you a few tips on keeping common Missouri spiders (as well as the dangerous ones!) out of your home. Continue

Brown Recluse Spiders Are Not Your Average House Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

If you have not yet learned about brown recluse spiders, it is important to know that this arachnid is not your average house spider. The brown recluse spider is typically a light brown color but can vary from cream colored to dark brown or even a dark gray, almost black color. They have a black line on their abdomen that often resembles a violin or fiddle and are sometimes called violin spider, fiddle-back spider or brown fiddler. Continue

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