Black Widow Season

black widow spider crawling on pvc pipe

If there is a spider season in Missouri, it would be late fall. Many spiders don't live more than one year, and they will mate in fall before they lay their eggs. This need to get out in search of a mate is one of the reasons spiders are so noticeable this time of year. Another reason is that all of the spiders that hatched from eggs in spring are now fully grown. And, a fully grown spider is a lot harder to miss than a tiny, baby spider. But, black widows aren't like those other spiders. Here… Continue

Dangerous Spiders Of St. Louis

black widow spider found in st. louis

Missouri is home to two of the deadliest spiders in the United States, the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow has potent venom that can have you heading to the hospital, and the necrotic properties in the venom of the brown recluse can lead to disfigurement, if left untreated. We're sure you agree that these are two spiders you don't want to have crawling around your home. But, if you want to keep them out, here are a few questions you should be asking. Continue

How To Control Common Missouri Spiders

Spiders in Missouri

Have you been seeing spiders inside your home? There are some perfectly harmless house spiders that may be lurking in the darker places inside your home, but there are also some more dangerous species of spiders in Missouri; do you know why they are in your home? The professionals at Rottler would like to offer you a few tips on keeping common Missouri spiders (as well as the dangerous ones!) out of your home. Continue

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