A Bed Bug Free Vacation In 5 Steps

family preparing for their holiday vacation

Will you be traveling for the holidays, or going on vacation during the colder months? The National Pest Management Association is reminding travelers to inspect for bed bugs, to reduce the spread of these blood eating insects. Continue

Ready, Set, Sniff!

bed bug sniffing dog at rottler

Bed bugs is an epidemic that is swiftly spreading nationwide and Missouri is no different. One of the reasons these pests have been able to spread so vigorously, is the ease with which they travel, moving from person to person. Continue

How To Perform A Bed Bug Inspection In Your Hotel Room

When you travel, we would like to remind you to stay wary of bed bugs. Most people pick these pests up unknowingly while they travel, so as long as you stay aware of them and know how to inspect for them, you should really reduce your risk of bringing them back home with you after your next trip. Continue

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