The Tale Of The Perfect Vacation

suitcase sitting next to bed

Did you bring back a souvenir from your perfect vacation that you weren't intending to? Bed bugs are all too often a souvenir that tags along home with you, causing havoc. Continue

Residents Complain Of Bed Bugs At Retirement Center: "I've Got Scratches All Over Me!"

A resident of a senior living center in south St. Louis said bed bugs have become a big problem at the facility over the last few months. Rottler's Jason Everitt comments on the bed bug issue on KMOV. Continue

Help! I Think My College Kid Brought Bed Bugs Home!

college students returning home to st louis for the summer

College is out, so if your college kid brought bed bugs back home from their dorm room, you may now start to notice signs of bed bugs in your home. It shouldn’t take you too long to notice a bed bug infestation, especially once these pests have begun to multiply and spread throughout your home. Continue

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