Bed Bugs & Holiday Travel

family traveling for christmas

It is really hard to believe that the holidays are here again already. In some respects, the days have literally flown by but the time away from family has seemed like an eternity. The excitement of being back together with loved ones is building, and you can hardly wait to head home to visit with childhood friends and old school mates. You have everything planned. Your tickets are purchased, and you found them at a great price. You have packed your bags and then re-packed them. Continue

Where Are The Bed Bugs Hiding?

bed bug found in st. louis

Bed bugs don't just live in your mattress. They can be in any number of places. Knowing where they live can help you safeguard your home and your family from these blood-sucking insects. Continue

St. Louis Pest Control Pros: Plan A Bed Bug-Free Vacation

Plan a bed bug free vacation with help from the St. Louis bed bug specialists

As winter gets closer to its end and spring draws near, the season of spring break and vacations is underway. If you are one of the millions of families or students planning a little fun in the sun, don’t forget to stay alert for bed bugs. Continue

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