Why Summer Tourism In St. Charles Means Bed Bug Problems

bed bug crawling in st. charles home

By now you've probably heard of bed bugs. We're sure you know that they are blood-eating insects that can torment people with bites while they sleep, but are you aware that bed bugs live almost exclusively with us?  Continue

Bed Bugs Are Nothing To Be Thankful For

bed bug up close

This is the time of year where we get together with friends and family to give thanks. There are a lot of things to be thankful for--but one thing no one is ever thankful for. Yup. You were probably wondering when we were going to get to it. When bed bugs appear in a home, they bring nothing but misery. Continue

Bed Bug Awareness Week

bed bug crawling in bed

When someone says, "I don't know if you're aware, but…," what usually comes next? That's right. Something bad that you should know about. That is why the National Pest Management Association established Bed Bug Awareness Week, which is scheduled for June 4-10 in 2017. Continue

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