While They May Not Make Headlines, Bed Bugs Are Still Here

close up of a bed bug in st louis

Only just a few years ago, bed bugs were in the news constantly. Hotels, schools and homes all across the country were suddenly having outbreaks of bed bug infestations and there were stories all over the news. Continue

Where To Look For Bed Bugs In A Bedroom

Bed bugs can very easily invade your home, if given half the chance. They attach themselves to your clothing and your belongings while you are out in public and then they return home with you, looking for a meal. These frustrating pests are nocturnal, which means they hide during the daytime and then come out at night to feed on your blood. Here are a few helpful tips from the professionals of pest control in St. Louis to help you locate a bed bug infestation inside your bed room. Continue

Bed Bug Tips For Summer Vacation

Bed Bug Free Summer Vacation

It’s time to start preparing for summer vacations! When making your lists of things to remember, sunscreen and flip-flops are standard summer vacation necessities but don’t forget a flashlight for bed bug inspections! Sounds a little crazy but the truth is that being prepared to avoid bed bugs before you travel is key to keeping a bed bug free home. Many vacationers have found that it is far easier to cross paths with bed bugs while traveling than they had previously thought. But the… Continue

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