5-Star Bed Bugs

hotel front lobby

Bed bugs can be found absolutely anywhere there are people…even 5-star hotels!  Continue

Bed Bug Tips For Road Warriors

Bed Bugs And Frequent Travelers

Are you a ‘road warrior’? Do you spend more time on the road than at home? If you do a lot of travelling for your job or even for pleasure, that probably means you spend a great deal of time in hotels. In fact, you probably spend so much time in hotels that you’ve learned exactly which hotels you should visit and which ones you should avoid. But the problem lies here- there is no good way of knowing which hotels have bed bugs. Continue

Avoid Insect Bites This Summer!

st louis man bitten by a mosquito

As most people know, bug bites itch! Those little red welts left behind from insects on you can be very annoying, especially if are prone to bites. During the warm summer months, if you spend time outdoors, it may be a mosquito bite or if you’re an avid summertime traveler, it may be bed bug bites. Continue

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